AI Development Engineer, AI Development Assistant &AI Intern

Posted 4 months ago

a. Job Details:

Full-time / Part-time

b. Skill Requirements:

  • Required: Python
  • Preferred: Big Data, IoT, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

c. Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or above

d. Company Introduction:

Gosvea, an E-Verify Enterprise based in Silicon Valley (San Jose), is dedicated to founding the University (USJ , School Code 90920164,BPPE, Master Program Approved ) ,the International Community CPR Alliance (ICCPRA, Gosvea FBN#690271 CA,) and  ALLCPR emergency training Chain. Gosvea has developed PDA (Professional Development Accelerator) Programs (Big Data, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Self Marketing), ICCPRA First Aid Service Platform, ALLCPR emergency training chains in the USA, IE Enterprise Technology Service System, and International Education Service. Gosvea is a CPR/BLS training partner of the American Red Cross and AHA.

e. About the Project:

The Lifedo Home Emergency Platform with its Lifedo Emergence RoboticDog represents the pinnacle of AI technology in home emergency response. This innovative project encompasses a comprehensive suite of capabilities including computer recognition system modeling, image recognition, algorithms, and integration with the ChatGPT API. Designed to facilitate “human-computer interaction, entertainment, and emergency handling,” our platform is specifically tailored for the elderly and children.

f. Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • At least 3 years of experience in building or leveraging machine learning solutions, as well as developing applications using AI frameworks and methods.
  • Experience in delivering technical presentations.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in computer vision system modeling, image recognition, and algorithm development.
  • Proficiency in using ChatGPT APIs as well as other AI integration technologies.
  • Coding skills using programming languages such as Java, C++, or Python.
  • Experience in developing and implementing AI technology for home emergency aid.


  • Help potential customers and partners understand the value of the Lifedo platform, explain technical features, assist in designing architectures, and solve any potential obstacles.
  • Influence the AI strategy in the home emergency aid domain by advocating for strategies that meet enterprise customer requirements and needs.
  • Demonstrate the business value of the Lifedo Emergence RoboticDog in enhancing and innovating home emergency solutions for our enterprise customers.
  • Play a key role in developing and enhancing the conversational AI and user interaction capabilities of our RoboticDog.
  • Provide robust AI solutions for users, partners, and the on-site team, clarify technical issues, and actively address challenges.
  • Committed to transforming the home environment and responding to emergencies by providing a safe, responsive, and interactive platform.

All interns are required to participate in a unified training program, supporting OPT/CPT, with outstanding participants eligible for H1B sponsorship.

Contact Phone: 408-571-6516

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