ICCPRA ICPIS Specialist, ICPIS Intern

Posted 4 months ago

a. Job Details:

Full-time / Part-time

b. Skill Requirements:

Require: Community engagement, project management

Prefer: philanthropic knowledge, emergency response training, first aid certification

c. Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or above

d. Company Introduction:

Gosvea, an E-Verify Enterprise based in Silicon Valley (San Jose), is dedicated to founding the University (USJ, School Code 90920164, BPPE, Master Program Approved), the International Community CPR Alliance (ICCPRA, Gosvea FBN#690271 CA,) and  ALLCPR emergency training Chain. Gosvea has developed PDA (Professional Development Accelerator) Programs (Big Data, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Self Marketing), ICCPRA First Aid Service Platform, ALLCPR emergency training chains in the USA, IE Enterprise Technology Service System, and International Education Service. Gosvea is a CPR/BLS training partner of the American Red Cross and AHA.

e. About the Job:

The role of the ICCPRA Regional Commissioner is critical in expanding the reach and impact of community emergency response training. You will be responsible for organizing local CPR and first aid workshops, engaging with community leaders, and promoting the importance of emergency preparedness. Your efforts will directly contribute to building more resilient communities equipped to handle emergencies.

As part of the Gosvea team, your contributions will enhance the overall structure of ICCPRA’s educational programs, ensuring that high-quality training is accessible to all. You will work closely with educational institutions, local authorities, and volunteers to coordinate training events and facilitate certifications.

Your role will involve strategic planning, coordination of training schedules, and developing relationships with community stakeholders. You will be instrumental in creating a network of trained individuals ready to act in emergencies, thereby strengthening the community’s capacity to save lives.

f. Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:

• Degree in public health, community development, or a related field.

• Experience in organizing community events and training programs.

• Strong communication and leadership skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Knowledge in public health and emergency response.

• Experience in conducting CPR and first aid training.

• Ability to work with diverse groups and build community partnerships.


• Organize and oversee CPR and first aid training within the region.

• Engage with local communities to promote emergency preparedness.

• Coordinate with local authorities and organizations to facilitate training and workshops.

• Monitor and report on the progress of training programs and community engagement.

• Contribute to the development and execution of ICCPRA’s regional strategies.

All interns will participate in a comprehensive training program and may be eligible for OPT/CPT and H1B sponsorship based on performance.

Contact Phone: 408-571-6516

Contact Email: gosvea.careers@usjus.org

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