USJ Professional Development Accelerator (PDA) programs help and support students with
upskilling, entrepreneurship, and personal goal achievement. Programs include Self-Marketing,
Food Traceability Development, Personal Digital Assistant Development, and ICPI Series Course.

1) Self-Marketing
Self-Marketing development is a practical case of marketization operation of public welfare
2) Food Traceability
Using big data technology, blockchain technology, etc., to develop catering hygiene and safety
monitoring APP that traces the source of food raw materials.

3) Personal Digital Assistant
Using the uniformed information platforms, SPDA will help the partner build the B2P and P2P
MIS (Management Information System).
4) International Community CPR Alliance
It provides a community activity service platform for individuals who have obtained CPR
certificate-related qualifications and provides the latest CPR certification training course
Price : 1600 dollars Per project
Time: 20 hours (on site ) + 40 hours ( online )
Certificate : USJ