Gosvea(Gocean Silicon Valley Education Academy) focuses on: international education, educational investment, creative-thinking course development, international human resource service, etc.. It aims to establish a comprehensive international education service system (“multi-campus” + “professional-service company” + “educational financial service”). Gosvea is devoted to thrive education with technology, and repay the society. Gosvea’s development positioning: establishing a modern professional education service system, building an “education + professionalism + entrepreneurship” model, cultivating innovative elites with global perspective.



Gosvea’s main business: 1) To establish a university (University of San Jose) containing both Bachelor’s program and Master’s program in the US, and build the multi-campus education service system (including China and India); 2) To establish a human resource service outsourcing company, and provide software development service outsourcing; 3) To set up an educational finance company, and provide financial assistance to students; 4) To design and develop a creative-course system with independent intellectual property rights, and promote in China and India.



Gocean Education Group has the following affiliates: Gocean Education Campus, Chengdu Gocean International Education Center, Gocean International Certification Examination Center, Chengdu Gocean School, Gocean College, Gocean HR Co., America Gosvea, USJ (University of San Jose), SVIIE (Silicon Valley Institute of Innovative Entrepreneurs) and Claude Intl School.